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  • Need Command Line Switch in VE Pro SERVER to Start Window Minimized

    The shortcut that your Windows installer creates to run VE Pro Server is "C:\Program Files\Vienna Ensemble Pro\Vienna Ensemble Pro.exe" -server.  Without the -server switch, of course, VE Pro starts up in standalone mode.

    Please provide (or inform us if this exists in some form) a second switch "-min" that forces VE Pro SERVER to open up in a minimized window.  For example:

         "C:\Program Files\Vienna Ensemble Pro\Vienna Ensemble Pro.exe" -server -min

    There are many of us out here who start VE Pro Server up when Windows starts by putting a copy of (or reference to) your shortcut in our Startup folder, and we just want the server sitting there quietly "in the background" until we fire up something that connects to it.


    Note that Windows has a built-in capability in any shortcut, under “Properties”, to select “Run: Minimized”.  However, the application apparently has to be looking for this flag.  I tried it, and VE Pro ignores it. 

    So, please either respond to Windows's already existing switch, or please add a second command-line switch to VE Pro like "-min" and start up the server minimized.

    This is about 15 minutes of programming for a feature that IMHO should have been there since Day 1.  I found an old forum thread from 2012 circling this issue, but it was not useful. That thread concluded that using the "Run: Minimized" switch in the shortcut worked. It might have then; it does not now, in 2018.  I am using Windows 10.

    Thanks much.

  • Hi Stephen, 

    I have added a case to our back-log, maybe this can be addressed in the next VE PRO Sprint (after Synchron Player). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks, Paul. 

    Steve Johnson
    Redwood City, California