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  • Instrument Plugins are not Appearing...

    Hello, I'm a complete newbie to VSL (as well as music software in general) and I am currently trying to set up VE Pro 6 for Pro Tools 12. I have succesfully managed to connect Pro Tools to the servers, however, I am have difficulty on Vienna's end...In VE, whenever I go to "insert instrument plugins," it says that there are "no instrument plugins found."

    I pulled up the directory manager and saw that all of my sample folders were red. So I removed them all and re-added them manually (both Pro Tools and VE were closed while I did this). After reloading VE, I still am unable to insert the instrument plugins. I have tried both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the software.

    Finally, I tried reinstalling the software, but the same issue exists.

    So am I organizing my folders incorrectly or maybe missing a download? Please let me know what I might be missing, thanks!