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  • VEP crashing during scan

    new VEP6 user here on OSX.  while trying to get it up and running, VEP crashed about 20 times while trying to scan all my plugins, which leads me to believe that at least some of them didn't properly scan.

    I am wondering how I can find out which plugins caused VEP to crash during scan so that I can either avoid using them or flag them in some way so that in the future a full scan won't cause me to have to go through this proces of crashing and restarting VEP 20 times to get through the scan.

    Is there a log file or configuration file of some kind that can be used to control and/or view this?

  • In my experience, VEP6 crashes randomly on various different plugins every time.  It's always an exciting game to find out which plugin will not be working for me that day with VEP6!

  • Do you know if there is any way in VEP to disable particular plugins that are known not to work aside from removing them from the plugin folder and rescanning?  On the mac I need them there to use directly in my DAW, where they do work.  Does VEP have a way to manage which plugins will appear for use there?

  • Hello, 

    Unfortunately there is no way to disable separate plug-ins in VE PRO (but that's another convenient feature on our to-do list, hope we can get to VE PRO soon). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL