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  • Getting started (again) with VEP6

    I used to use Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 occasionally for bigger projects, and it seemed to work fine.  I have a 12-core MacPro running Logic 10.4 on OS 10.12.6,  and my slave machine is a PC running Windows 7 (!)

    But since I installed VEP6, I can't get it to 'find' my slave PC.  And there's no IP address listed...   

    So, where do I start?  How do I find the IP address of my slave PC?  

    On the Mac's 'Finder' window, the PC shows up in the network tab (though I noticed 'get info' doesn't show you its IP address or any other useful info).    But at least that confirms that the Mac 'sees' the PC, both of which are connected by Ethernet to the router.

    I couldn't find the info I'm looking for in the manual, though I'm sure it's buried in there somewhere...

    In basic terms, how do I get VEP6 on my mac to 'see' the instances running on the slave PC?

    It seems that on the PC, version 6 no longer has the 'server' window that runs separately from the VEP program (where your instrument mixer and channels are) -- or does that mean I'm doing something wrong?

    thanks for any help you folks can provide.


  • Okay - FALSE ALARM.

    Somehow after installing VEP6, my shortcuts had disappeared from the 'Start Menu'.  As a result, when I thought I was starting VEP 6, I was starting the 'standalone' program, not the 'server'.

    Thanks to VSL tech support for helping me figure that out today.  Once that was sorted out, everything works as it should.  D'uh!

    At first I thought it was a bit strange that there wasn't a separate "server" window and an 'instrument/mixer' window.  But then I just assumed this 'all in one' approach was part of the v6 upgrade.   Nope!

    Just leaving this here in case anyone gets lost down the same bone-headed path as me!



    Where is the "Server" EXE located?  I used to use VEP Pro 5 and could find all of the componebts, now with VEP 6, I can't.   I lookled in both "Program Files" and "Program Files (X86)" and in both sub directories in both "Vienna Ensemble" and "Vienna Instruments" and can't find the "Server" exe. 

    I'm not at the computer now, and will check later if it is in the Start Menu, but all of the other exes (Vienna Instruments, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Vienna Ensemble Pro 64, and a bunch of DLLs) are present in the above folders, but nothing with the word "Server" in it. 

    When I run one version (within Vienna Instruments), it looks like it should but I can't load any 3rd party VSTs.   I was watching a few VEP classses on "Groove 3" to see what I was doing wrong, and something is missing... the server version and the ability to load 3rd party VSTs and to discover instances on another computer.

    I'm using Sonar Platinum, Cubase 9.5, and Reason 10,  

    I can post screen shots when I get to the computer (in about 8 10 hours). But please let me know sooner if you can.