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  • Surround panner bug Windows 7?

    When creating a surround session in Windows 7/ Cubase 9.5 or Pro Tools 12 HD: Upon setting up project, I can open a5.1 project and creating VEP Server with a VEP surround instance. I can insert surround reverb in the VEP channel, however, I can not enable any surround panner. It is greyed out or red. When I try to insert one of the surround panners available in VEP, I get an error: Toolkit: Vienna surround balance (could not open plugin) or same error for the other surround panner options. Then I may get a crash. I attached the crash log.  I can open a surround bus on my OSX 12 core machines and the surround panner works perfectly.


    I have a 16 core Win 7 machine, Cubase 9.5 or Pro Tools 12 HD. LAtest version of VEP on all machines (I have 2 12 core VEP server machines)

  • A followup:  I uninstalled VEP6 and installed VEP5 and the surround panner was working fine. I reinstalled VEP6 and the surround panners don't work. They are red instead of the normal GUI color. If I double click on them, the app crashes. I attached that crash log in an earlier email. Please advise.