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  • Practice by rescoring existing movies

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    In my early years I've composed a number of fictitious film scores, but - as anyone who does film scoring will probably confirm - there's nothing like seeing your music synced to actual picture. The timing, the mood, the color - if it all comes together, it's a wonderful experience that also broadens your horizon as a composer and challenges you in ways that you couldn't imagine if you haven't tried. That kind of self-challenging is what I'm doing right now in order to improve, and I'd like to share it with you and maybe inspire some of you to try it out themselves.

    So far I've done scenes of

    Feedback is valuable and your comments are appreciated and most welcome, be it about the music itself, the orchestration (almost exclusively done with Vienna Instruments) or the combination of music and picture (which I think is the hardest part to get right).

    Thanks in advance & Enjoy!

  • Very impressive, very large projects. The sound and mix are very good. I liked you orchestral color choices most of the time. I had never seen Ladyhawk, but I did watch Stranger Things. I think your score works at least as well as the original, perhaps better, simply from an audience perspective.

    Good luck with this, I hope the result is some paying jobs for you.

  • Wow very nice work.I particularly enjoyed the score for "Eleven saves Mike' ... your music enhances the suspense so well. Seriously I dont know why director of this movie wouldn't hire you.

    You should please do the rescoring for the new Batman movies, Dunkirk and many other Zimmer movies. Then I'll watch these. 

    Also someone should rescore the soundtrack for 'Planet Earth'. 



  • This is very impressive! I agree fully with Paul. Very decent recordings, well thought through orchestrations, quite a worthy alternative for the original scores.  Hopefully this will one day result in a real first hand film scoring job! You certainly have the abilities and skills.



  • That is some tremendously motivating feedback, thank you very much!!!!! However, I still believe there's room for improvement, so if you have any suggestions please let me know (right here or by DM or on Twitter).

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