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  • Workshops

    Orchestral Arrangements
    Workshop with Herb Tucmandl and Paul Steinbauer

    During this workshop you can learn how the creator of the Vienna Symphonic Library himself composes and arranges his scores. Improve your skills in creating the utmost musical authenticity and walk through the steps of a professional orchestral production.

    Registration necessary!
    Admission: € 100
    Language: German!!

    May 13, 2005, MUSIC SHOP München
    Hanauer Straße 91a, 80993 München
    Tel: 089 3838840
    12 am – 6 pm

    May 21, 2005, SAE/AMPTOWN –MUSIK
    Feldstraße 66, 20359 Hamburg
    Tel: 040 64600428
    12 am – 6 pm

    We hope you will enjoy it!!

  • Damn... hamburg could have been a posibility. But my german is about as good as Herbs danish... [:D]

  • Another non-teuton here - from Ireland

    Almost had the flight and hotel booked before spotting the "In German" note.....!

    Any sign of the equivalent in English....wouldn't mind if it was still in Germany!!!!

  • Copy that - another nongerman speaking composer here.
    So, what was that date again for the english speaking customers? [:)]

  • Any chance you can make a "tour" out of this and make your way over to the U.S.? (in english of course) [:D]

  • No English Workshops in the near future!

    Sorry, Anna

  • [:'(] [:'(]

    oh well. Any chance of a webcast then?

  • Maybe he could do it like they do at the United Nations. Everyone there with headphones on listening to the translator feed in their own language.

  • I'm sure there will be workshops in the US later this year, maybe around August.
    Best wishes, Martin

  • [H] why not stream LIVE via internet for us english bloaks!

  • I, too, would be interested in a little trip to Germany for a study course in using VSL, but in English. We really need a world language in addition to our mother tongue so we could all communicate yet keep our separate cultural heritages alive and growing.