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  • Do I Need to Upgrade from VEP5 to VEP6 to be compatible with High Sierra

    I have 6 macs for my templates all running latest version of VEP5 (5.4.16181) on El Capitan (10.11.6) and Logic Pro X (10.3.3). All are working well, however I am looking forward to using some of the new tools/features in latest version Final Cut Pro (10.4) which, unfortunately for me, is only compatible with Sierra. I haven't upgraded to High Sierra for fear VEP5 would not be compatible. I've searched this forum but haven't found a precise answer (compatible, not compatible). My apologies if I missed a post.

    It is my understanding that VEP6 for the most part is now compatible with High Sierra. Is VEP5 compatible? All my plugins and tools are finally compatible as is Logic Pro X (obviously). I'm just waiting on word about VEP5 and whether or not I need to invest in upgrade accross all my Macs or not. I can't imagine I'm the only one in this situation but there it is.

  • sorry for another question.

    I'm still using VEP5 with Sierra. But I need upgrade to High Sierra to use Logic Pro X 10.4.5.

    Did you upgrade to High Sierra and was VEP5 working well?

  • Hi, 

    We are not aware of any troubles with VE Pro 5 with High Sierra, but it's definitely a good idea to upgrade to VE Pro 7 (which gives you access to both VE Pro 6 and VE Pro 7). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL