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  • VI - Question on Stacked Cells

    I'm working with an old sequence with templates from the original VI player which have now been converted to VI Pro. Back then when you layered two instruments in adjacent slots they would both sound simultaneously unless you deliberately set them up to crossfade (correct?). Now those two instruments show up in slots 1a and 1b but do not sound simultaneously when not set to crossfade. Do I solve this by moving the instrument in 1b to 2a? I'm hoping I don't have to go through and edit a large template this way (i.e. hoping I'm doing something wrong.)

    TIA DC


    EDIT: Well, some of my old layered patches are showing up layered correctly in 1a and 2a so maybe it was my intention to have instruments available to crossfade. The thing is that I caught the problem because things weren't playing back correctly (notes that should have an accented sample layered with a sustain in the 1a -1b arrangement) Anyway I'll get it sorted.

  • Hi DC, 

    If the SLot Xfade Button in the cell rack is not activated, the Slot XFade slider is simply a VOLUME Slider for column b. 

    When the Slot XFade Button is activated, the Slot XFade Slider CORSSFADES between slots a and b. 

    Check out the video "Organizing Vienna Instruments" from 2:08 here


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL