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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 6: Decoupling/Coupling After DAW Crash

    Hey all!

    I've come across an issue with a large template in Cubase 9. We decouple the instance(s) in order to cut our save times to a fraction, (300 track template) but in the event of a crash, upon restarting VEP and reopening Cubase, Cubase doesn't see the instances any more. Is there a quick way to recouple the Cubase session with VEP?

    I hope this is clear, any advice would be greatly appreciated!



  • Not sure if this answers your issue as I'm using DP and not Cubase, but maybe it will help?

    If you decouple from your DAW, then you need to save the Server Project in VE Pro (or the associated instances).  Once you open VE Pro, you also need to open the saved server project.  Once you reconnect in your DAW, it should see the VE Pro server.

    Otherwise, where do you think it would be saved?

    If you don't want to be bothered with this extra step, then stay coupled.  However, decoupling has other advantages in that you can load (and save) different instances as needed.  And you're DAW file should load much faster when it doesn't also save VE Pro data.