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  • VEP5 crashing with Roland Cloud

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 5.4.16181 (64bit)

    Mac Pro Early 2008 8 core; 32GB RAM; OSX El Capitan 10.11.6

    Completely crashes VEP5 without exception with most instruments.  D-50 and Concerto seem to be the only plugs that will launch without crashing.

    Any insight appreciated. Thank you,


    Dennis Patton (beta tester for Spectrasonics)

  • Hi deepee42, 

    Please send a crash-log to with a link to this thread, we will take a look. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Did you ever figure out the VEPro crashing problem with Roland Cloud instruments. My problem is identical to what you described. Thanks.

  • Hi Ben, 

    Same hardware, same OS?

    I don't think deepee42 ever sent the requested crash report - maybe you can send yours, best as a text file:


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I'm sorry...  I thought I had sent that info.  I'll do so now.  Roland Cloud has had several updates since this thread and I believe VSL has had at least one.  The problem still remains across nearly every Roland instrument.  Immediate crash....  I may have inadvertently sent the info to an incorrect email address.

  • Hi - After seeing the new Roland stuff at NAMM I installed several cloud instruments and have the same problem.  Any progress on figuring out a solution?

    Thank you!


    ps - just sent crash log to the email address in the previous text

  • Hi there. Has there been any progress on this issue as I am experiencing the same

  • This is also happening with the vepro 6 series too.. i tried every single installer from the archive all the way to latest vepro 6 x999

  • Any updates on this? I want to use the Roland cloud instruments with VEP 6, but so far I can only get the Concerto to show up on the instruments/directories scan. I'm new to VEP, and it's a bit trying to get all the software to play nicely together!

  • I downloaded the latest VEP7 demo and the Roland Instruments don't crash VEP now, but the UI shows up white and completely blank.  It's a shame VEP cannot get their apps to work with Roland.  They really should post some disclaimers or something...

  • REPORT VEP7/285981