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  • Orchestral Strings I and II

    Hello all,


    The chamber strings and appassionata strings have an ensemble sordino patch. I can't seem to find the orchestral strings ensemble patch. Does it exist? I have the indiviual sordino patches for violin, viola, cello, and basses.




    Bill McFadden

  • Hi Bill,

    The sordino samples are included in the Orchestral Strings I (violins and violas), and Orchestral Strings II (celli and basses).

  • Yes, but is there an ensemble patch like chamber strings and appassionata strings?

  • You could check the manual. Also note that the sordinos are only included in the extended versions.

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    I have had a look into the patches of Orchestra I and II (full library). There are no ensemble strings con sordinopatches. But if you have Vienna Instruments Pro, you can make them for yourself. Look on this page:Video demo's, and choose there stacking instruments. It is some work, but in this way you can make your own strings con sordino Matrix, complete with several articulations.