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  • Györgi Ligeti: Horntrio with natural horns in all keys

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    Ligeti demands in his Horntrio for many passages, that the Hornplayer should play in a certain tonality as if there are no valves and he should plays this certain Passage in just tuning of the named tonality. Short after the Horntrio Ligeti composed a Hornconcerto with seperate natural Horns for each Tone of the chromatic scale. This let me think, that it would be reasonable to apply the Idea of Ligetis Hornconcerto already on the score of the Horntrio.

    Györgi Ligeti: Horntrio (with natural horns in just tuning for all 12 tones of the chromatic scale.)

    I hope you like it.

  • This is really great - I absolutely love Ligeti and these are very unique pieces of his.  Really good performance!  The last one is a fascinating piece.  What are the exact instruments used?  

    Really fine work here and a great idea to use the natural horns on this.  

  • Thank you very much for this friendly reply. 

    I just used the Soloviolin (replaced by one dimensionviolinplayer when it coms to passages Ligeti explizitly restricted to be played on a certain string),

    I used the Viennese Horn for not marked passages and those which must be played muted. For all marked passages I used the natural horn of the demanded Tone. All natural horns are tuned (via the matrixscale feature) in just tuning (as it was the Viennese Horn where I needed the muted version in a marked passage).

    The Piano is of course the Vienna Imperial.

    The Venu is the Synchronstage venue.

    Have I omit anything?

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