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  • Multicore - Multithreading - VEPro8 und Kontakt

    Hi Community,

    I am still considering how I should set the preferences.
    Here is how I have it now with unfortunately some hiccups here and there:

    Host (Mac Pro 12 core respectively 24 cores with multithreading):

    Logic set up to automatic numerb of threats.
    Some NI-Kontakts as Software-Instruments in Logic. Kontakt setup with 2 cores Multicore support.

    Slave (PC 8 core):

    VePro --> Multiprocessing set to 2 threads count per instance
    Kontakt --> Multiprocessor support set to 4 cores

    What could be a better setup?


    Best wishes,


  • Did you ever find what works best for you? Curious to know myself.