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  • Eammon Watt's "Sea of Tranquility" (Orchestrated by A. Champlin) VSL SE+

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    In March and April of 2017, I had the opportunity to orchestrate UK-composer Eammon Watt's beautiful piano piece Sea of Tranquility for a contest. Here is the result of that labor, which gave me a great appreciation for Eammon's music and a deeper respect for the challenging work orchestrators do. The instruments featured in this recording are from the VSL SE+, played through MIR Pro (Grossersaal). I hope you enjoy!

    Link to Sea of Tranquility on YouTube

  • You know I've been very impressed with how the SE collections have evolved over the years. This sounds pretty good. Some of the brass parts get a little harsh but not too shabby overall. Is it me or am i hearing some hints of Williams here.

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