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  • Binaural Surround for Stereo-users

    Hi VSL, is there a plug on the market in which is comparable with IRCAM-hear-V3 to handle Auro3D for Stereo-users? If not... please develop it. Cause this is fantastic! A link to the plugin... Best Lars

  • Hmm... Interesting.

    The Pop Music scene has been using this or similar systems for quite some time now but I'm just wondering how this could be integrated with something like MIR.  Maybe there's nothing to it but, then again, maybe not.

  • Similar to the new auro3d mixing presets in the Synchron samples in some ways... I use wavesNX which uses a bluetooth headtracker to create and mix 7.1 through headphones. Works pretty well.

  • Hi Derek, thanks, I saw the Waves at bestservice too. And because of a Price-reduction it is even cheaper than the Flux-Tool! But the most interesting is the official marketleader who's got it ALL! (not available on bestservice;D ... & pretty pricy)

  • ... Aaaaaannnnndddd ... to make this complete... here is a review / comparision for all 3 mentioned Plugins with [b]audio examples[/b] from Releasetime! (Oh, I should mention that the text is in german language) After listening I find that the Waves PlugIn sounds better than Flux hear. But I think I buy the Audio Designer.

  • Interesting! Audio Designer looks cool but does it do headtracking? The coolest thing about waves is that with the nx headtracker (or on a more basic level with a webcam) one can turn around and the rear speakers are in front of me, front speakers behind you, tilt ones head forward and hear the change in sound etc. The position of your head actually changes what you hear in real time according to your head position. I mixed a film in 5.1 on the wavesnx and finalised in a surround studio. Sounded surprisingly good! I recommend the waves headtracker for sure. [img]null[/img]



    regarding to an interesting Interview (from Dec, 2016) with the CEO of New Audio Technology they're planning to release headtracking soon :)

    here comes a link to the Interview (... use a translator, cause it is in german language too;)

    It is interesting to read that Sennheiser is working on AMBEO 3D Audio.