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  • Alternation Mode with Performance Set

    I would like to know if the Alternation Mode can even be used with Performance Set Pro Edition. I've got everything working but can not seem to access the articulations available in the Alternation Mode. The downloaded manual states that "Alternation Mode will only work on Instruments that have keyswitching built into them." Are there any in the Performance set? I've searced the forum and would be pleased with a indication of where to go to get the answers.

    thanx in advance

  • Hi taatsiaq,

    the Alternation Mode really works with all "Combination" instruments. The programs in the Performance Set do have Keyswitches, but I do not really see a sense in applying it here, as the Performance Legato and Performance Repetition programs use different modes.

    Most people use the Alternation Mode to alternate between 2 different versions of one note (e.g., stac_1+2), and you will find presets for all of these instruments (in EXS 24 these settings are automatically integrated, whenever you see _1+2), for all other platforms simply load the corresponding setting.

    Another option is to use the Alternation Mode with the basic_all sets. In EXS 24 the Alternation Mode with the correct settings will automatically be applied to all "basic_all+ts" instruments, for all other samplers load the corresponding setting into the Performance Tool. There is an example of a "basic_all" instrument with the Alternation mode shown in the promotion Video (Alternation Mode):">

    Of course you can also use the Alternation Mode with a dynamic "Combination" set, too (you can switch between different crescendo lengths for example. Unfortunately the style display won´t show you the correct names for all playing styles (so many styles, so little space...), but the numbers in the matrix should give you orientation.... applying "Customize Styles" wouldn´t even help in the most cases.

    Hope that helps.

    Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the answer. Helpful. I have a little more that I would like to know. Are there any Basic_ all or Basic_all+ts instruments/sample sets in the Performance Set Pro Ed.? The dealer from whom I purchased installed the data on the DVDs on the G5 I purchased and I am wondering if something was not installed.

    I would very much like to be able to change articulations from note to note and it seems like th Alternation Mode Tool is the ticket. I have been through all the folders in my VSL folder and only see legato and repetition instruments.

    Do I need to buy other samples to get staccato, tenuto, legato, staccato on four successive tones? Legato and repetition are great but far from enough for the scores I'm trying to bring to life.

    Best regards, taatsiaq

  • Hi again, forgot to mention that I am using Logic 7 and the EXS version.

  • Hi,

    just checked which products you have registered. It´s JUST the Performance Set, that makes your questions clearer.

    As you found out correctly, the Performamce Set consists of Performance Elements. The Orchestral Cube consists of all the Single notes you are talking about and makes use of the Alternation Mode.

    Sorry to say, but the best and only option is to get the Orchestral Cube Pro Edition and complete your package.

    All the best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Your reply much appreciated. I think that VSL could make this clear on the web site. I asked specifically before purchasing as to the difference between the Performance Set and the Orch. Cube and was assured that if just the Performance was purchased it would be enough to do an orchestral work. It would have been nice to have read that the only orchestral pieces one can do are legato pieces with repetition. Knowing this would have saved me 100s of dollars because I did get a nice offer of reduced price if I bought the entire library, which I would have done. Now I have to go out and pay (probably) full price for the Orch. Cube. You really should explain clearly the difference on you web site which I used: and then click, click, click on Complete Orch. Package, Orchestral Cube, Performance Set to compare. It would be great if there was a compare page with the advantages of each set on one page so the buyer could make a more informed decision. You already speak the language of VSL know what each bundle can and can't do and the first time buyer does not. It should be obvious to state that the Performance Tool associated on the web site with the Performance Set which includes all three modes, only two of which can be used, should state that in order to use the alternation mode one must have the Orchestral Cube. I assumed from the demo videos on your site that i could achieve the diverse articulations with the Performance Set.

    This is not complaining but a suggestion as to how you could be of even better service than you are to the customers who have not yet purchased - that is all of us at some point - in making an informed decision.

    Now I am sitting with a half hour video that I have committed to using VSL (for the first time) and am forced to write legato and repetition passages and will have to wait to get more samples from my dealer in the States.
    Sorry about the long reply. I do want you to know that I think your service after purchasing is top notch. I have not experienced better, period.

    Again thanks for your help.

  • Hi,

    I am very sorry to hear this. We are trying to be as precise as possible with the description of our products, with detailed articulation lists for every product available and a very lively forum, where all questions will be answered.

    There is also a FAQ section (that needs some updates, I must confess), that points out the differences between the Orchestral Cube and the Performance Set:

    We know, that we are offering a lot of products and we are very concerned that each potential user has access to all the information needed.

    We have split up our Symphonic Editions into various packages to let each musician pick the module of his/her choice.

    I will check with our friends at ILIO, so that misunderstandings will be avoided in the future.

    Thanks a lot for your very diplomatic and friendly suggestions.

    Best wishes,

    Paul Steinbauer
    Vienna Symphonic Library

    PS: please check your mail!

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL