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  • Need help with VEP and Reaper Mac


    I just left Logic for Reaper but unfortunately I can't get the same performances and somes issues seem to come from VEP.

    My setup : 

    MASTER : Mac Pro 6.1 (Late 2013) 12 cores - 64Gb Ram -  Soundbanks on SSD 1To Thunderbolt

    SLAVE : Mac Pro 6.1 (Late 2013) 6 Cores - 64Gb Ram - Soundbanks on SSD 1To Thunderbolt

    Mac Link:   VEP 5 (last version available) 

    Issue: When I create 20 tracks with Kontakt for virtual instruments in Reaper I have no problem. BUT if I use VEP to load Kontakt and load Virtual instruments I have dropouts even when my CPU usage is 25% (monitor activity) and 17% in Repaer. (Buffer 512) 

    The same template/setup with Logic I can load 80 (VEP) Kontakt without issue.

    Is anybody know if VEP is not compatible with Reaper ? Or if there is any special things to do ? 

    Thanks for help...