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  • VEPro 6 Tracks (on same Computer as DAW) are Distorting...



    This is my first post here but I've been using VEPro since version 5. I love the software but I am having some massive problems right now which is completely stopping the show for me and just don't know what to do. I have e-mailed quite a few times about my problems and haven't had a response for a few days but really need to get to the bottom of this...

    My Set Up...

    I have a PC slave and a Mac Pro 5,1 for my DAW computer and I am using Cubase Pro 9.0.20 of which I am also running VEPro 6 (latest version) on.  I don't have any problems with all the tracks coming from the PC Slave. Things are fine.

    In Cubase I am using Midi tracks connected to Rack Instruments of which are then connected to Ve Pro Server Instances. When I have all of the Rack Instruments connected, the tracks distort. I have Asio Guard 2 Switched off. I have Multi Processing turned on in Kontakt and on in Cubase (I have tried turning Multiprocessing off as well but it gets worse). My Asio Buffer in Cubase is set to 512 samples and if I turn it to 1024 samples the problem goes away but I then have too much latency to play anything.

    In VE Pro 6 I have tried all 4 buffer settings and when I have the tracks set to 1 Buffer, the Cubase Real Time Peak performance bar maxes at 100% and then all tracks distort. When I raise the Ve Pro buffer only specific Ve Pro Tabs (and contained instruments) distort. Not every track distorts and also the Cubase real time peak performance meter drops but still has distortion on tracks. So I looked at Ve Pro 6. Of all the tabs 2 of them are at 99% whereas the other tabs are comfortably between 25% and 50%. I am wondering what is making this happen? 

    The Mac Pro is a 12 core 3.33ghz with 64GB ECC ram. The whole template is Kontakt and everything is purged. 

    Here's a short video I made a few days ago showing the tracks distorting if this may help problem solve this? I can make another video if I have failed to provide all necessary information. Is there anyway of having someone at VSL to connect to my system remotely? I need to fix this problem and perhaps downgrading to a different version would help?

    Thanks for any help