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  • OS X: Actual CPU use numbers differ from VEP CPU numbers

    I notice that, my VEP (which is set to assign 2 threads per instance), shows up in ACTIVITY MONITOR (OS X) as using 86% CPU, and each individual CPU% at the bottom right of each instance shows something like on average 10% for example. But, in ACTIVITY MONITOR, the "User" % being used is only 4% (when VEP is at rest by engine is on). 

    So, which number do I trust? Is VEP using 86% of my CPU when at rest? Or only 4% as according to the overall CPU reported in Activity Monitor. 

  • And there is this info out there on the web:

  • It sounds like the CPU% inside VEP6 and showing for it's "process" in Activity Monitor is % of ONE CORE.