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  • VEPro - What are the minimum dependencies for a VI lib ?

    Hello everybody,

    had a chance to check out VEPro the other day. Looks like an indispensable tool for heavy VI usage.

    I'm trying to understand what the minimum dependencies are for a given VI library that VEPro loads ?

    Example case:

    I have a single VEPro instance containing a single instance of Kontakt. Within that Kontakt instance I have 16 instrument patches. All patches have zero samples loaded (all samples are purged).

    Regarding RAM footprint, I understand these direct factors:

    > VEPro app itself
    > the VEPro instance
    > the Kontakt instance
    > and some data for the general GUI of the 16 patches of the lib etc (all samples are purged)

    but the RAM footprint in my test was much higher than expected with a completely empty lib just sitting there. I tested this with 16 patches from Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings.

    Did I miss to activate a setting somewhere, or what are the dependencies that are loaded for a given VI library indpendent of the actual sample patches ?


    - Peter