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  • VSL and Pro Tools 11 problem

    I've been using Ensemble and VEPro with no issues for about a year.

    Suddenly, I'm having this issue:

    I have a session with the Vienna Jazz drums in pro tools. It works fine, And I can open close and save, but I decide I don't want to use VSL in this session.

    So, I delete the aux input with VE and VIPro, and the corresponding midi channels and do a "save as" on my Pro Tools session, but the new session will not open.

    So, whenever I try to remove VSL from this pro tools session, it will not open.

    I have tried to fix this all weekend by:
    - deleting Pro Tools prefs
    - reinstalling all my VSL software
    - reimporting session data into a new file
    - reinstalling a whole bunch of other plugins

    I'm on a macbook pro, Yosemite, Pro tools 11

  • Hi SuperJ,

    Have you also deleted the actual software instrument channel?

    Are there any error messages displayed when you attempt to open this new PT session? If so, which one(s)?

    Best, Marnix

  • Yes. I had two midi tracks going into one aux track with one instance of VE. In that instance of VE were two tracks of VIpro. When then delete the midi and Aux track, and do a "save as". When I reopen Pro Tools I get the spinning beach ball as Pro Tools just opens. I can see the open session, but cannot get to it.