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  • VEP 6 macOS ONLY issue (need comunity help)

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    Does anyone experienced this issue -

    (this is a beta of VEP 6 from VSL support).

    This issue easily reproduced on three of my macos computers (imac, macpro & macbook pro). If you are experiencing the same issue - please write a comment below, so we can help VSL guys to fix this terrible issue.

    Thanks all.

  • Not happenng here.

  • Can you please record a screencast with QT and share it with Youtube or any other file service?

    I just can't understand, I've got this bug on THREE different my machines. I've even reinstalled Sierra 10.12.4 from scratch and the bug is still able to reproduce on the clean 10.12.4.


  • Nope! You have to do things exactly how I did them.

    So, let me write steps to reproduce:

    1. load VEP 6 server
    2. create an empty instance
    3. add some instrument (vst, au - it doesn't matter)
    4. click the "snap/unsnap" icon of the instrument
    5. click the "MIDI port select" menu
    6. click Close button on the instrument
    7. click anywhere else at VEP area

    You didn't click the "snap/unsnap" instrument button. Can you please repeat exactly how I did this in my screencast?

    Thanks a lot Jay!

  • OK, I just did precisely that. No crash.

  • Still nope :) You have pressed "snap/unsnap" for the instance, not for the instrument.

  • OK, I just did it for the instrument. Still no crash.

    At this point I would tell you:

    Man goes into a doctor's office and throws his arm way over his head and says, "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."

    Doctor replies, "Don't do that!"

  • I am sorry, but you doesn't need to select anything from that menu. You have to follow the EXACTLY steps that I've provided you with. Just watch my screencast and do exactly the same.

    Your joke is also in vain, because this bug produce more deep issue, when working about hour or two and then VEP6 crashes. And we have a discussion of this issue with the VSL support for about couple month's. I can't use VEP6 and now I want to know does my three computers are as special as they appear or this is a common macOS issue and together we will help guys to fix it.

  • Here's what I can tell you. I work with VE Pro 6  and Logic Pro X running a large Kontakt template, swapping out  some instruments  and adding or removing others, on the Mac and large Play template on the slave PC and it rarely ever crashes. So apparently i do not regularly do what you are doing there, so I recommend that you also do not.

    Also, I have helped a significant amount of other composers set up their Logic Pro/VE Pro templates and none of them are emailing me with complaints about crashing.

    But I wish you luck with getting your issue resolved

  • You don't understand. These steps is just for 100% reproduce of this bug. But there are other similar bugs, but no one able to write particular steps to reproduce.

    Didn't lose faith for the rest of VEP6 community.


  • AAll software has bugs. But I am not seeing showstoppers with VE Pro 6 here and apparently neither are my clients. If your experience is different, well that is too bad, and I hope they help you. But I think it is perhaps informative that' you don't have an bunch of people chiming in saying "me too."

  • Thanks, but I'll wait for someone else and who knows, maybe I'm not the only one with this issue.