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  • Running VEPro 5 and 6 together

    I just upgraded my new Mac Pro (running OS10.10.5) to VEP6.

    I use my OLD Mac Pro (running 10.7.5 - the latest possible OS since it's a 2007 machine!), to run VEP5, hosting my large Percussion template. (VEP6 is not compatible with OS10.7)

    It appears though that VEP6 (on host) will not "see" VEP5 (on slave). Is this correct?

    Is there no way to run VEP5 on my Slave machine, controlled by VEP6 on Host?

  • Hi Chris_T, 

    I'm afraid it's indeed not possible to connect VE PRO 5 and VE PRO 6... Sorry to have no better news. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul.

    Yes - it's time I retired the old Mac Pro and run my pecussion template on my new Mac. Consolidating is a good thing though!

  • Hi Chris, 

    I think so too, it's always good to move on!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL