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  • Handel "Amen" Fugue arr. for VSL Brass

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    The Finale of Hanel's Mesiah, the "Amen" Fugue arranged for 11 VSL Brass instruments. I used the Bb Trumpet, Trumpet in C, Cornet, Vienna Horn, Triple Horn, two Dimension Brass horns, Trombone, Dimension Brass trombone, and Tuba, plus VSL percussion.

    I used MIRx Teledex plus just a touch of Valhalla Room on the final mix.

    I would really appreciate feedback.

    "Amen" Fugue for Brass Here

  • Hi Paul,

     Very well done, it sounds great !  

    I enjoyed this piece a lot. Lovely orchestration and performance. 

    Thanks for sharing your work,


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    Which brassband played this music πŸ˜Š ? I'm not a brass player, but this sounds so real to me, and also more than real: beautiful! A very beautiful arrangement, beautiful played (I know, it is VSL πŸ˜Š, so thΓ‘t is possible with their libraries). Something for the examples in the music part of this website ???

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    Thank you muziksculp and MMKA. It means a lot to get positive feedback! Of course, I can still hear little problems that I wish I could find a way to improve, but over all, this is my first VSL piece that I am pleased about. Thanks again! πŸ˜Š

  • Sounds very good, and a good arrangement!

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    @William said:

    Sounds very good, and a good arrangement!

    Thank you Bill. I still have a long way to go to approach your level of mastery with samples, but I feel that I am finally making some progress. You might remember that I am a particular fan of your music. I share a similar musical aesthetic. I'm very much looking forward to hearing more of your music.

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