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  • Please helpe me with your experience about VEP memory and CPU

    I need an advice for computer for VEP6.

    I bought Intel i5-6400CPU @2,7 GHZ and it had 32GB of RAM. I noticed that when I upgraded memry to 64 I am able to load almost twice more instruments.

    I own Surface Pro 3 with 8 gig of ram, when I set the server I was able to load Mural Strings and One instance of some other library, and it all went to 80% of memory.

    On my old MacbookPro 17 (I think early 2013) I think it was 16GB of RAM it was i7 on Macosx I was able to load Mural Strings and one or 2 other libraries, and computer was full of load and was easily hanging-up and I had to restart.

    I need another computer that is more mobile,the smaller the better,  thinking about buying maybe NUC computer (with windows 10 here or 2 NUCs etc.

    In all cases whenever memory load goes to 80% it is very likely that virtual instruments start cracking and noising. 

    I was nevery trying to play so many instruments at the same time but in all cases I noticed there is only about 20 percent of CPU Load.

    Now question: HOW MUCH CPU is important here?  All computers have SSD drives. Maybe I can buy a cheap machine but with a lot of memory. Do I need a quad at all? What is critical here - amount of memory?

    Please help me with your ecperience