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  • Please increase the output channel.

    I am currently using the VEP with Logic Pro

    The maximum number of VEP outputs is 32, so there is not much output

    Are there any plans to increase the output with future updates?


    Please increase the output channel.





    Logic Pro v10.3.0

    VEP v6.0.15567



  • Are you sure that this isn't a limitation of Logic? I can get many more than that in Nuendo. I assume that you've raised the number to the maximum in the VEP Preferences?


  • [Main PC]

    Logic VEP Preference has the maximum number of outputs.


    [Slave PC]

    By the way

    The maximum number of outputs is limited to 32


  • Hi,

    That is indeed a limitation within Logic. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL