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  • VEP6 strong crashes on delete/exit/etc.

    Guys, I'm having strong issue with VEP6 stability.

    After upgrading my VEP5 to version 6 I'm not able to work like before. It crashes even at mouse over.

    Okey, I've reinstalled macOS from scratch (10.12.2), installed some of my regular plugins (like Sylenth1 v3.0.28, D16 LuSH-101 v.1.1.3, etc.) and VEP6 still crashes on delete channel, on app exit, just on everything. On clean system! I can't understand anything.

    Here is a base info so we can start a discussion:

    iMac 21,5" 2011, Core i5-2400s, 24Gb RAM, 512Gb SSD (Samsung 840 Pro) and that's all.

    macOS 10.12.2, VEP6 v6.0.15567.

  • To complete the info I've just passed stress tests like Prime95 (v28.9 build 2) and GUI version of Memtest OSX - Rember (v0.3.7b). All passed w/o any errors.

  • I´ve got the same problem

    As I´m new to all this, it´s a bit of a relief to hear I´m not the only one

    I purchased VE PRO 6 for the first time two weeks ago using it on a slave PC and I thought maybe it was me doing something wrong but as time passes by I´ve come to realize it´s VE PRO that´s very unstable

    I get several crashes every day and once it crashes, my main pc project will crash as well

    Hope this will get fixed soon

  • Hope to here something from VSL support.

  • If you guys want to hear from support, make sure that you contact them, on