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  • Ridiculously High CPU VEPro 6 into Ableton

    Hi. Using Yosemite on MacPro + 2 Mac Mini Slaves.

    Monitoring in Activity Monitor - 1 empty instance of VEpro 6 in an empty Ableton arrangement. uses 40% of my quad core processing power in the MacBook Pro. 

    Any ideas? 

  • In case anyone is interested. My experiments with issue have concluded:

    This is an Ableton - VEPro issue.

    Logic is behaving fine.

    It only happens when I open an empty Live arrangement. Opening tracks in progress and adding VEpro tracks does not cause a problem.

    Disconnecting Ableton Push 2 and reconnecting it clears the problem.



    BTW, This is my first day having upgraded to VEPro 6 from VEpro 5.