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  • Tempo change glitching in Kontakt

    Hey folks.  I'm running a big template using DP as my DAW on a MacPro Master, and the latest VE Pro on the master and a PC slave.  The slave instance is loaded up mostly with Kontakt instances, with a bit of PLAY and Ample Sound thrown in for good measure.  

    I'm working on a piece that is all no-click, rubato played piano that I'm going to break out into strings and whatever else.  My usual method is to play the piano in live, then Adjust Beats in DP to have the tempo follow my playing, making it easier to work with adding the full arrangement.  I'm having a big problem with glitches on the tempo changes.  I'm not using any tempo synced patches in this tune, but even with a solo piano going it's causing problems.  I've gone through all my Kontakt instances and have disabled Sync to External Tempo, but the problem remains.  At this point I'm not sure if it's a Kontakt problem or a VE problem.

    Has anyone had luck working around this?



  • Hi Jeff, 

    I know that it helps in Cubase to avoid tempo ramps and use steps instead. Could be worth a try. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yeah, unfortunately even with a snap from one tempo to another it still glitches.  Been that way since updating to version 6.

  • I thought I'd give this thread a bump and see if anyone else is having this problem.  Like I mentioned previously, everything had worked fine before the update to VEP 6.


  • I can confirm. I have the same problem with Pro Tools 12.8.3

    This problem exists when you use a slave Vienna server ( other LAN machine in the net ). If you connect to a local Vienna server (running on the master machine ) everything works fine. 

    Any chance to have a fix? We need it ASAP.

  • Any update on this?

    I have just started facing this issue as well... Only solution I have found so far is to remove the TM based Kontakt instruments off the Slve... which is obviously not great...

    I am not using any ramps.

    As soon as I have a patch in there which requires any sort of TM mode the CPU meter of the VEP instance is starting to show significant spiking whenever the playhead inside Cubase 10 passes over a time change.

  • Hi Mirai.  I think the instrument that was giving me all the trouble at the time (it's been a while!) was the Spitfire LABS felt piano in Kontakt.  From what I remember, I don't think it had any Time Machine or tempo synced stuff in it that I could find, but if I switched it out for another piano in those time ramp moments all was well.  Maybe see if it's specific instruments that are causing the problem, even if they aren't obviously tempo based?  Good luck!