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  • new violin, new cello

    I would like to know more about the new instruments. I cannot find anything about the articulations!

  • Sorry, I found it!

  • Are there any plans for an Extended Library for the new instruments? 

    I would buy the new instruments immediately if I know that Extended Librarys still appear. But so I miss many important playing techniques: the articualtions are not complete enough for my solo compositions.

  • Am I missing something or is there no spiccato? And do those new instruments just have a nwe timbre or also new functionality compared to the old Solo Strings Collection instruments, like more velocity Layers or RRs? Otherwise the old ones still seam to be a much better all round deal and much more flexible. 

    kind regards

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    @andreas1 said:

    Are there any plans for an Extended Library for the new instruments? 


    Hello all,

    I ask further ...

    Are there plans to


    a) add Bass & Viola

    b) add even muted Versions?

    I expected a second Solo Violin, as you hear often Quintetts with 2 Solo Violin Players. But I did not expect a second Cello!

    It would indeed be interesting why you have decided to do this. Maybe Herb could wrinte a few thoughts ...


    BR Lars

  • And another question. Do you plan to release the "old" Solo Strings as single Instruments at some point? Having Violin 2 and Cello 2 this would be a logical step...

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    By the way, did you hear the demo of cello 2? I like this sound, really beautiful, expressive in a very natural way. Of course Jay Bacal is a real sample artist, but in my ears this cello is a step further compared to the cello of the solo strings. I'm very curious about violin 2 ...😊

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    Hi everybody, 

    So many questions 😊

    Glad to see that you like our new additions, we´re really happy about the results as well!

    Here are a few answers (from today´s perspective): 

    - There is no Extended Library planned for those 2 instruments, also no muted versions. 

    - Additional Viola and Double Bass instruments are not scheduled.

    - There are no plans to split up the Solo Strings Collections into separate instruments. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Dear Paul, 

    Will some demos of the solo violin 2 online soon ?


    Thank You

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    @Paul said:

    - There is no Extended Library planned for those 2 instruments, also no muted versions. 

    The demos are sounding great! But please think about Extended Librarys! This would give the users numerous additional possibilities for their compositions. In the 21st century should be harmonics, ponticello, sul tasto, sordino etc. a matter of course in string libraries.

  • + 1 for extended and con sordino

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    @steff3 said:

    + 1 for extended and con sordino
    No harmonics, ponticello, sul tasto? For that price? I can understand that mutes require a whole other session, but basic articulations like these are a must in almost any contemporary composition...! I think VSL really needs to update its business model, especially considering the huge competition they have these days. 10 years ago they were perhaps the only realistically playable instruments, but now they need to step up and, like in the past, offer features that nobody else is doing. There's not even a loyalty reward for those of us who have spent thousands in their products. I'm always getting bundle offers for instruments I already own. How about giving me a good deal to finish my collection for the instruments I don't have? i.e. Bassoon 2, Wagner Tuba, etc.

  • My initial surprise at Solo Violin 2 soon faded to dismay when I saw that the articulations didn't match those of Solo Violin 1. For someone who has had to make do with a transposed SV1 in their string quartet work, I still have to resequence the whole second violin part if I want a "real" second violin. And no marcato????? It's one of the most common articulations.

  • I agree with Angelus and clruwe.

    I'm in the market for some solo string options and am very disappointed with this offering. Sorry VSL, this time my money is going elsewhere......

    P.S...still waiting for a violin 2 section too.
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  • And these negative coments are coming from those that don't even own them. These instruments are fabulous, with incredible nuances of tone and dynamics.

    Dorico, Notion, Sibelius, StudioOne, Cubase, Staffpad VE Pro, Synchon, VI, Kontakt Win11 x64, 64GB RAM, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, August Forster 190
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  • Careful who you call a troll William. Your tone (yet again) is a disgrace. Some of us have a very good musical education and some are good composers. Criticism of a library that does not include  articulations that have been set as a precedent is valid. Nobody expects, nor wants to be insulted by idiots like you because we don't doff our caps every time VSL speaks, so why not play nice and show some respect to your peers.

    I am a fully paid up member to VSL, owning most of their products, I respect the company and am grateful that I can give honest, sincere feedback to them without any need for fawning on this forum. Perhaps they might find negative feedback more useful than your gushing sycophancy.

    VSL has good competition and whilst I still think they are the best, there is a danger that they will fall behind.

    Bill, I don't need to own them -  I know what articulations I need for my scores and I know how and where  to use them, will that do?
  • Hi Mike(mh-7635)

    (out of topic)

    I went to your site and I must say it's a model of elegance and class... Also, congrats for your work, your touch is clearly "elegance" you know "how to write "for orchestra and especially "Strings". For me it's always a pleasure to discover talented people. Again congrats for your work.


  • Hi Fiestared,

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm so pleased you liked some of my music - compliments from fellow composers mean just that bit more.