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  • Ve Pro CPU usage sharing posts!Share your CPU experience!

    Hi everyone,

        Buffer size as low as possible can give us better experience. Let's share our experience with Ve Pro and CPU usage here!

        What's your Thread Per Instance Setup?  

       Did you leave your Kontakt multi processor open to max or disable the Kontakt Multi processor?

        When do you normally hear clicks/pops because CPU is not power enough.

       Any other experience relating to this topic is welcome !


    My experience is: I have a 4 core CPU (8 thread) and it looks like even if I set the thread per instance in ve pro to 1 thread, in task manager all 8 thread is still occupied and running high... Share yours!

    I disabled the kontkat multi thread, and enable ve pro to max threads, sometimes I still hear clicks/pops. What's your setup like this?

  • If Kontakt is causing so many problems why dont you put Kontakt tracks in your DAW

    I have left all non VSL in my DAW and I send them as audio to MIR

    MacBook Pro M3 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen - Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs - Quite a few Kontakt libs - CS80 fanatic