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  • No Sound from second instance of Aria Player


    I am trying to use VE Pro from within Finale. I am finding that after loading one instance of VE Pro and loading it with Garritan Aria Player (a single instance, with about 12 channels loaded), it works fine. But when I add a second VE Pro Instance and put another Aria player multi in it, I get no sound. The signals are still there (both when I play on the keyboard, and when I run Finale), but no sound. If I load another VE Pro Instance with Kontakt, that makes sound. I feel like I'm probably missing something basic in the I/O flow here but not really sure where to look. Grateful for any tips. 

  • Hi Daniel,

    I don´t have ARIA to check here right now... did you check with my colleagues at Garritan directly?

    Anybody else experiencing this?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul, 

    I've solved it. Absurdly, the volume for that bank had somehow been turned all the way down in Finale. So that's solved. 

    I am still experiencing instability using VE Pro w/ Finale 25, even after the latest VE Pro update, which I installed yesterday. I had one crash of VE Pro, but didn't save the report. I'll shoot you a note if that continues. (was having TREMENDOUS instability trying to load all my samples into Finale 25, its new 64-bit incarnation notwithstanding - so really hoping that VE Pro will behave for me!) 

    I am still on Yosemite, and have been reluctant to switch OS's in the middle of a big project, though someone somewhere suggested I might see more stability in El Capitan... Can you comment on whether there's any validity to that? 



  • Hi Dan, 

    I´m not a Finale specialist, but I don´t believe that there is a big difference between those 2 OSs in terms of performance / stability. 

    You can always give that a shot, maybe on a separate partition?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL