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  • VE6 makes it hard to read and even then, it doesn't tell you who.

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    VE6 UI developers decided to change something that was working just fine in VE5 to something really hard to read in VE6.

    VE6 original FONTS and BOLD

    Notice you can read Orchestra Violins and Violas.

    The last update to VE6. I guess the UI developers did away with that.

    Unknown instruments

    Can anyone guess which channel goes to which instrument? I can't, and I was the one who put it together.

    What exactly is Vienna Instruments Pro 1 ? I have no idea, it could be many of things.

    And what happened to the colors? Now everything is the same color Blue.

    Hint: Here is the Cubase colors.

    Cubase Colors

    It would be nice, really nice if VSL used the same colors as Cubase, or something close. But I really doubt that is in your business model and hence go for making it diffucult as possible.

    Please go back to some color scheme. Separate the woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, voices......

  • You have to enter the insturment name and set the color, just as you always have

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  • VE6 originally took care of that.

    See first pic.

    Then an update happened.  VE6 no longer displays color AND no longer displays the instrument you selected.


    It would be nice if they can select colors Cubase used,  Cubase does not have Brown.

  • Colors are automatically assigned when using MIR. In your first screenshot, MIR is active on your instrument channels. In the second screenshot, there is no MIR plugin on your instrument channels.