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  • running VEP6 64bits server as administrator

    I run Symphonic Choirs of East West since a few hours in VEP6 64 bits. My DAW is Samplitude PRO X2, I run it on a Windows 10 64bits computer 24 GB RAM.

    Problem: it was not possible to save phrases, I got an error message.
    I discovered, that the phrases are saved in a sub map of Program Files. Because of that I tried to run VEP6 64bits server as an administrator. The problem of saving was solved by this.
    It looked to me that all things were working fine.
    My question is: can I run VEP 64bits server as administrator, or will there be difficulties (that I didn't meet until now?) 

  • If Symphonic Choirs tries to save phrases in the protected Program Files folder, it is broken by today's standards. Are you sure it's not somehow possible to save these phrases in a proper unprotected folder?

  • I've checked all the possibilities in the instrument, also the manuals, but there is as far as I can see, no way to change the folder for that particular button. It is possible to export the phrase to an unprotected map, but the shortcut to the map in Program Files can't be changed (the shortcut of the button "Phrases" and then a.o. the line: "add to phrases")