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  • [SOLVED] No available instances-Help please!


    I moved recently my studio to a new location and since then can't manage to make VEP5 work again.

    My set up consist of a MacPro:master and a Pc:Slave. I'm currently using the gigabyte network of the place i'm working in with static ip adresses for the mac and for the pc (Which are in the range i've been granted). 

    Having no response from the VEP server i tried to connect the second rj45 network port of the mac to the pc to another network independent from the building (mac: PC: subnet: i think my network settings were correct but if anybody can give me a valid procedure to do so i would be a happy man).

    VEP did not respond in this configuration  either. What puzzled me tough is that the mac can see the pc and share files with it in both configurations. Which means that my network configurations work.

    Does it mean that the problem is with VEP5 (which i reinstalled)?

    I already spent an awful lot of time browsing on forums to find a solution but I'm stuck.

    Would somebody be kiind enough and have the time to help me?

    In advance thank you.


  • Sorry

    I forgotten to say that i'm working with logic10.2.4 on my master computer and the OS is 10.10.5.

    I must add that when i launch VEPon my master computer and i instantiate an instance of it in logic and clic connect Nothing happens altough this should be displayed: localhost [32] (NEW)/ localhost [64] (NEW).


  • Did you turn off the firewalls of both computers to see, if that solves the problem for the slave computer?

  • yes i just did it.

    I don't know why the heck firewall became active again.

    Any way my problem is solved.

    I feel a bit ashamed for having spent so much time to find such a simmple solution...

    Thank you very much for answering.

    Best regards.


  • You are welcome. Succes with making music!