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  • Saving Server Project vs Instance via key command

    This is somewhat related to an earlier thread of mine, but with a twist. As VEP 6 works now, Cmd-S saves the instance, and Opt-Cmd-S does a "save as" of the instance. Would you consider letting us choose via a preference whether or not those commands save the instance or the server project? The way I work (decoupled preserved instances), I almost always save server projects and almost never save instances. In VEP 5 those commands worked on the instance when you were in an instance window and the server when you were in the server window; VEP 6 gives us no option within the program to save the server project via a key command. If I have to choose one, personally, I'd rather have the commands apply to the server project. Possible to give us the choice in a later release?


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