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  • Dimension violins 2 - Con sordino violins - Cantata BWV 30 - Alto aria


    here is a little demo of "con sordino violins" using Dimension violins 2, Muted Chamber violins and muted solo violin.

    Many thanks to J.S.Bach for this incredible music ... Enjoy !

    Cantata BWV 30



  • Really interesting sound, very mellow, and fits the Bach well.   J. S. seemed to be working the syncopation a lot on this piece. 

  • Hi Philippe,

    This is truly a wonderful piece of music, pretty unknown. And as William stated, the syncopation is a little surprising for the baroque period. But it is very effective. As usual, you managed to create a very beatiful orchestral sound in a clear and transparent ambience. The substitution for the voice is a bit strange at first, but so beautiful. The combination Bach/Baylac is again a top hit! Nice use of the Dimensions!



  • Hi Phillipe,

    Pretty nice work, I  love so much Bach cantatas.

    Surprising but very good rendition!!

    Jean Roy

  • Thanks WIlliam, Max and Jean for your kind comments.

    The choice of english horn to replace the the alto may be surprising, but it is not the first time i use it to replace a voice :

    Cantate BWV 43">Cantate BWV 43

    There is on youtube a very nice version of this aria, funny video, with the very good Musica Florea Ensemble and Magdalena KOZENA :

    BWV 30 Video - Magdalena KOZENA">BWV 30 Video - Magdalena KOZENA



  • Hi Philippe,

    I had seen that 'funny' video before. I am particularly fond of the interpretation of the music and of the superb voice. Dramatic however was at that time that talented female singers didn't have access to that miraculous world of 'official' music. The harsh look and expression on Bach's face speek for themselves, but his musical genious surpassed the aversion for women in musical practice (in the film anyway). In that perspective, that funny movie is some kind of denunciation of female discrimination. That makes it a little less funny...


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