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  • Can VEPro6 show me the instrument channel for incoming MIDI data??

    Hi all - 

    I'm a new VSL user.  Don't know how in the hell I waited so long to dive in.  Amazing platform.

    I am running VEPro6 on a networked MBP, and my host is PT10HD on a MacPro tower.  Working perfectly.

    As I build a more evolved template in VEPro6, I have instances for SoloStrings, SectionStrings, Winds, Perc etc.. each with several channels.  

    My question is this:  I wish that with incoming MIDI information when the DAW is stopped - that VEPro6 would automatically show me the channel window for that incoming MIDI channel.  So I stop my DAW to tweak a solo cello part, and would really LOVE it if VEPro6 said "hey, DAW is stopped!  Incoming solo cello - HERE IT IS!"

    I've looked through the manual and forums and don't see it.

    Wish list, perhaps.  Thanks for any advice.