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  • [SOLVED] Epic Orchestra gone?


    I did some directory shuffling in order to fit Dimension Strings II on my SSD, and I just noticed that the Epic Orchestra doesn't show up anymore in VIP although the directory is listed in the Directory Manager. The VEP page says Epic Orchestra doesn't come with the VEP6 upgrade, but I've been using VEP since version 3 (I think), and have always had Epic showing up. Any ideas?


  • Did you try to manually drag and drop the Epic files from your SSD into the Directory Manager and rescan?  that usually does the trick for me.

  • Thanks. Tried, doesn't help.

  • Where is the directory manager? I'll try anything! I have this same problem since updating to VEP 6. Very uncool. It's a small library, but I still use a few of those instruments in my template, and more importantly, in older projects I'm pulling up right now. In my case, after the VEP6 update, I got a messege every time I loaded a project, saying my demo would expire after so many launches. And that it did. But I've had the little Epic Orchestra since like, 2008-2009, when I first got VEP. 

    I hope we get an answer on this soon.. I need to know if I have to replace some instruments in the older projects I'm working on, or I can't move forward on them. I wouln't want to spend the effort to replace everything, only to find that it's something simple to get EO back.

  • Found the Directory Manager. It was already pointing to the right sounds, but I reset everything and scanned anyway. Didn't work. Elicenser software no longer displays Epic Orchestra. 

  • @Killahurts: you pointed me in the right direction. I've double-checked and realized that – how silly of me – with all the shuffling around between master and slave machines I didn't transfer the Epic Orchestra license between my two eLicensers. I've just confirmed that VIP still loads Epic Orchestra as it should so this has nothing to do with VEP6 or anything like that. I suggest you have a closer look on your system, maybe we've both been similarly absent-minded :)

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    Well I pointed you in the right direction, then you pointed me in the right direction, lol! It's quite embarrassing, actually.. you mentioned master and slave machines, and I suddenly remembered that I had been using Epic on a slave machine when I was using it last. I've since consolidated everything onto one machine. I gave the slave machine to my daughter, and put the USB key away in the dongle drawer. I simply forgot that I have two keys, one with just VE Pro, and one with other stuff, including Epic.

    Mischief managed.. you can mark this as solved, while I go hide behind that curtain. 😳

  • I've been hiding behind that curtain for several hours already, remember I started this thread... :)