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  • i love u - Demetrio Trombi (based on the baseline of Kurt Elling's The Waking)


    Hi all,

    I just posted my new peice on soundcloud using VSL instruments making up a string quartet and upright bass. The composition is inspired by the great jazz artist Kurt Elling's song 'The Waking' from which I used the bassline and buit a peice around that. I heard the song at his concert and loved it so much I got working soon after.

    I am using VEP with MIR reverb - Berlin TeldexStudio Aufnahmessal v2

  • Hi Demetrio,

    I like your piece very much and I'm sure that if I listen to it a couple of times more, I will also like it more.

    I particurlarly like where the 1st violin is doing pizz.

    On thing though, I don't like the placement of the bass, I think you should would try it in the center and in front of the quartet. (Just a suggestion!

    Thanks for posting!

    Jean Roy


    Do you have a link to the original version of 'The Waking'?


    Hi Jean,

    Many thanks for your feedback and compliments. I agree with you about the position of the bass, I was thinking of the real world placement of instruments rather than optimising for the recording and in the latter case it's much better to have the bass in the middle.

    You can hear the original version with the brilliant Kurt Elling here:

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