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  • VEP6 Ask to save changes - make it conditional?

    Very excited about the new VCA folders for VEP6! Was almost excited about the new option to turn off "ask to save changes on exit." BUT... then I discovered that the setting is absolute—i.e., if you deselect the "ask to save changes" option, it will allow you to close the metaframe without warning even if you've made a change since the last time you saved. Can this feature be modified to work the way it does in most programs? What I would like is the following:

    • If there have been no changes to the metaframe since the last time I saved it, I should not be asked if I want to save when I close the server (since I've already saved).

    • If there have been changes to the metaframe since the last time I saved it, I should be asked if I want to save when I close the server.

    The way it works now, the preference setting is absolute: With the option deselected, if I make a change to a VEP instance and close the server, I'll lose that change without warning. All other programs I'm familiar with (and not just music programs) give you such a warning whenever (and only if) there have been changes since the last time you saved. Curious—is there any reason VEP can't work that way?



  • Hello Peter, 

    Glad to hear you like VE PRO 6!

    The reason for this, is that in order to completely check for changes, we would need to retrieve all data from the loaded plugins, hash it and compare it to a hash of the last saved data.

    The extra save required can take a very long time when having many 3rd party instruments loaded (several seconds), which is why we decided it is quicker just showing a dialog (or deactivating it).

    Some hosts "cheat" here, only considering plugin parameters - not checking custom data of plugins. I don't think this is a safe/correct way. For instance:

    1. Load a project in Logic
    2. Open up the VEPro Gui
    4. Save project
    5. Connect to a server in the VEPro plugin
    6. Close project

    Logic will NOT ask you to save the project, even though an important change (server connection, custom data) has been done.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  Interesting point. In fact, I always use VEP decoupled for that exact reason, i.e., that when I don’t, DP takes a very long time to save. It’s not like being asked one more time “Do you want to save” when you go to close the program (right after you've just saved) is that big a deal—it’s that it plants a seed of doubt in one’s mind that the project is really saved. I wonder, though—is there any way to build some sort of “software flag” into the code that gets thrown every time a change is made after a save? That way, when the user wants to quit, VEP wouldn’t need to compare the entire contents of a metaframe bit by bit to see if something’s changed—it would simply check the flag. I say that as someone who knows nothing about writing code. Which may be obvious! :-)



  • As Paul explained, the problem lies not with VEP data, but with the data of hosted plugins. There is no way for us to know if plugin data has changed, except for saving it entirely, create a hash out of the data and compare to a hash of the last save. This is slow.

  • Thanks for the reply. Guess I don't quite understand the difference between "plug-in parameters" and "custom data" in Paul's earlier message. For my edification, can you clarify? (I'm not doubting you, I just like to understand this stuff.)