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  • [SOLVED] 8-24-2016 version of VE Pro won't load preserved instances.

    In Sibelus, projects load fine.

    In Logic Pro X, all instances are lost.  VE Pro does not connect to anything.  None of the instances are loaded.  What the...?

  • Can we get a download link for the previous version so I can save a Server file.

  • Hi Dave, 

    Our previous versions are always available in our Software Archive. 

    EDIT: Just looking into the cause for this unexpected regression, will be fixed by tomorrow. SORRY!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks.


    Reverting back to the older version does not fix the problem. It still does not load the preserved instaces of songs that were working before they were opened by 8-24-2016 version. Is there another reason why these Logic Pro X songs can't find the server's preserved instances? I've even tried old versions of songs that were opened with only the previous version and they still don't load with the regressed version.

    I can link a new Logic project to server instances and when saved they do reopen the instances. It's just the previously saved songs that don't work.

  • Hello, 

    Just uploaded a fixed version (6.0.15258), sorry for the inconvenience. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Not quite solved....

    I also reported problems to VSL Support about not being able to load instances when opening Logic songs.

    For me, the latest version (6.0.15258) does not load the correct instance saved in the Logic song.

    VE Pro 6 just hangs when loading the channels and I have to Force-Quit.

    I find VE Pro 6 completely unusable and have reverted back to VE Pro 5.