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  • Preexisting VEP5 templates crash in VEP6 (using VEP5 for now)


    I'm not sure if this is a known issue or now, but I've not once gotten a template I made in VEP5 to open successfully in VEP6. It crases everytime. Is it a known issue that a new template needs to be made? I'm on OSX 10.11.5 and my templates use a generous mix of Kontakt based instruments, and PLAY instruments. Any insight would be wondeful as I'd love to take advantage of the performance benefits of VEP6.


    Thank you

  • Hi Ryan, 

    Please send your crash reports to, we will take a look. 

    PLAY and Kontakt should actually work just fine.... Are you using the latest versions?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL