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  • VEP6 Latency issues (Logic) Please~!

    I am a user logic


    Had hoped latency issue is resolved in the VE PRO 6.0.15224 Update version

    But also, there is no latency problem is resolved.


    Inde same project file generation, why do so only in extreme latency VEP6?

    Only one VEP6 server connected to the instrument itself does not necessarily generate a latency occurs




    I've tried several tests.

    cubase8 - vep6 (no latency issues)

    studio one3 - vpe6 (no latency issues)

    logic10 - vep5 (no latency issues)

    logic10 - vep6 (that latency issues)



    These people are there any other issues?

    This solution requires

  • Fixed for the next update.