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  • Max Schonherr

    Does anyone have a source for sheet music of the Austrian Peasant Dances by this composer?

  • Hi William, It's a start... Search in German "Bauernmusi' aus Österreich" Best Philippe

  • Thanks Philippe - I couldn't find that perhaps because I wasn't searching in German.  There is a score in North Carolina - I'll try to get a copy.  I don't know why this is so hard to find as these used to be almost as popular as Johann Strauss!   

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    Well I found that score at the Erneston Music Library in North Carolina!  You can't get that music anywhere else apparently.  What's up with that?  Why is it not enshrined in special collections in Austria?  This music is really great - rollicking tunes as good as anything the Strausses did, and beautifully orchestrated.  I know - I have the only audio performance in existence on two LPs.   I am going to do a VSL performance, assuming the score arrives via Interlibrary Loan... 😎

  • Hi William, Happy to hear that!! I'm waiting for your performance 😀😉 I completely agree with you : it's ununderstandable to see how it is difficult to find scores of many composers like Schoenherr... In fact, the archives are full of beautiful unedited music. It's a pity 😢😬 Best Philippe

  • I have finally gotten a score, one of the few remaining in the world, from the Appalachian Library in North Carolina in the USA.  Not Austria mind you - here in America!  What's up with that?   It is completely strange to me that this wonderful music should be forgotten!  It is as good or better than Johann Strauss, and based upon authentic Austrian folk melodies and dances.  It is a bit disturbing  to think that music is just discarded because of fashion changes.   The score I have is only an annotated condensed score, but I think that is all that was ever published. Though Max Schoenherr was once very popular and a big money maker.  Since player's parts are totally non-existent, I will be doing a reconstruction of the full score using my LP library which contains two discs of Schoenherr, and the condensed score.   


    Maybe this helps

    (Or is this a different Max Schönherr?)

  • thanks Stephan k.  I checked that publisher but they didn't have it..  However I did get to copy the annotated condensed score.

  • Hello William!

    If you search for "Max Schönherr" at this adress (using the Umlaut ö !):

    and then go to 'Handschriften' you will find a catalog entry 'Bauernmusi aus Oesterreich' somewhere down in that list (No. 26).

    It is said to be a copyist autograph with pencil annotations by Schönherr.
    But maybe this is is the score you have already found elsewhere (??).

    Best LenoT

  • Thanks very much Leno!  I did just write them, however it is not clear from the site what is there.   Thanks for the response.    

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