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  • Rewire In Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 : Propellerheads Reason

    Hi Just wanted to pass on that you can now use Reason in Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 with Rewire VST on OSX (And Windows)

    I Tried it last night and it Works Fantastic, accepts Midi routing and 8 outputs

    Hope this helps anybody who wants to Network Propellerheads Reason from another computer via Rewire.



  • Brilliant news.... when I upgrade.

  • Is VEP 6 required or will this also work in VEP 5?

  • Tried your demo to see if it runs in VEP 5........Reason seems to i sent your tech support an inquiry..... a week ago........that's some realy great support there XT Software........

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    I upgraded to VEP 6........and rewire VST does indeed load Reason. So yes....VEP 6 is required. WEP 5 did not work. You're welcome, XT Software.....😉

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    I'm going to put my two cents in as I have done this and bought the T-Shirt. First let me explain my setup, I have Logic Pro X ver 10.3.3 as the Master and a Windows 7 PC with VSL server 64bit as the slave, with Reason 10 and also the energy-xt plugin installed.

    So far, I have found this setup to be the most frustrating workflow in trying to use Reason 10 from another computer. The main reason why, is because the XT software is limited to seven stereo channels and some of the channes do not work correctly. Example, some channels will duplicate the audio from another channel and I can't seem to find the source as I come to conclusion, it's just a really bad bug with the XT plugin.

    Granted, it will run fine if your only thing is to run one master channel. However, I found that I had better luck by-passing VSL and the XT plugin and just creting an Audio over Network connection with Jack Audio and CopperLanManager (a really nice MIDI over Network app). All-in-All, I wish VSL would just create something to allow for 64 channels from Reason into Master, b/c that would be Awesome. IMHO, I can't stand the XT plugin, it's a POS!

    For those who are still interested, I made a tutorial about VSL XT Setup and Config here: