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  • Woodwinds I & II Standard are missing sample content listed on the website

    The website says that Woodwinds I Standard, Flute 1 includes "15 FAST REPETITION: Staccato, 9 repetitions, 160, 180, 200 BPM", but these articulations haven't actually been included in Woodwinds I Standard. Similarly for Clarinet (Bb) 1 and Bassoon 1.

    The website similarly says that Woodwinds II Standard, Flute 2 includes "14 FAST REPETITION: Staccato, 9 repetitions, 160, 170, 190 BPM", but these articulations similarly haven't actually been included in Woodwinds II Standard. Similarly for Clarinet (Eb).

  • Indeed, I've been wondering the same. Is this a mistake in the documentation or are the samples indeed missing?

  • I've wondered about this too. When I load in the matrix for Flute 1 Std, some of the cells are colored red.

  • Exactly, an official statement about this issue would be great!

  • Hi,

    sorry about the confusion! This is a database issue we haven't been able to resolve yet. For congruity reasons the website shows the slightly different sample content of the Single Instrument Downloads also on the Collection page. We're trying to find a solution. The PDF Collection manuals show the proper sample content.

    Apologies and kind regards,