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  • Minimise to Tray? VEP6

    I just upgraded to VEP 6 (from 5). What I really used to like about 5 was that it minimised to the tray when you closed it, rather than just terminating the program.

    This function seems to be missing in 6, or have I missed something somewhere - can't seem to find an option for it.

  • Hi ChazC, 

    We have deleted that option in Windows, as the VE PRO Server is now the main window. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • OK Paul, thanks for the confirmation.

  • Would it be possible to add this option again? I like it much better to be able to close the VEP6 window into the tray, instead of minimizing it!

  • Well seeing as someone's else has asked too... ;) It would be nice to be able to minimise it to the tray like I used to with 5 if it's possible. On more than one occasion I've closed 6 instead of it minimising! Old workflow habits die hard!

  • I've pinned the 32 and 64 bit VEP6 servers to the Windows taskbar so they're always close at hand. Got wise after accidentally closing several times! Paul, would it be possible to get separate icons to be able quickly see which server is which?

  • Hi, 

    we will discuss this with the team. 

    In our eyes, VE PRO 6 changes quite a few things for the better, and we got used to those changes very quickly. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Please, return this option!!!