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  • [Solved] Missing v6 Multiport Logic Pro X template

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    The v6 user manual has a chapter discussing a different approach to using VEP with Logic Pro X that works around the midi port and automation issues without the event input plugin or using "live" mode. I'm assuming it's the same multiport template announced in this forum.

    Unfortunately the link in both the manual and that thread goes to which has only 3 files in my account, the latest of them from a year ago.

    The user manual has a few screenshots and a couple hints at what was done (including tweaks in the Logic Environment), but not enough detail (for me) to replicate it without the template.

    Any ideas either how to get that template or what they did? It aludes to changes in the MIDI Environment window.


  • It looks like the file hasn't been linked to the VEP6 purchase, so if you're new to VEP you'll need to email support for the file until they fix that.

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    Fixed 😊

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL